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Community Habilitation Services, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 community-based residential care facility and adult day service for individuals with developmental disabilities. CHS has provided quality residential services to individuals with disabilities in Summit County since 1982. We began our adventure with two men, who each had profound disabilities and one woman with a dream. This dream was to create a community based environment, in which, individuals with special needs could thrive.

Today under the leadership of Wanda Haines, Community Habilitation Services, Inc. operational base has expanded significantly. CHS provides services to more than 20 individuals, employs more than 40 staff members in Northeast Ohio. CHS provides services in five facilities, all locally owned and operated. CHS is a non-profit service organization that provides programs and services to individuals with disabilities and undeserved disadvantaged adults and youth; without regards to race, gender, and creed, and national origin, physical or emotional disabilities.


The University of Individuality is an Academic, Career, and Technology Center that provides another door of opportunity for individuals with disabilities, disadvantaged and underserved adults and youth. The University of Individuality provides a Academic, Career, Technology, and Vocational Services. Participants are provided the tools necessary to live a successful life. 

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