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                   24-Hour Care

We provide 24-Hour Care in one of our home-like facilities. Our primary focus is to ensure the health and safety of each individual in our custody. Our facilities are licensed and funded by DODD (Department of Developmental Disabilities). We are waiver approved. Each facility is staffed with well-trained, caring and dedicated staff members. Our Development Skills Technicians have received extensive training in service delivery.



                                 Personal Care

We provide Personal Care in a tender, loving manner, consistent with orders and directions of each individual's primary care physician, specialist and family.


                 Recreation and Leisure Activities


We recognize the importance of providing an active lifestyle for our residents. Everyone thrives when offered recreational activities. Our goal is to assess each individual to determine their interest and desires. Once these preferences are identified, our dedicated team plans recreational activities and opportunities for the individual. Activities are developed utilizing both in-house and community based resources.




                  Servicing the Individual


Community Habilitation Services, Inc. empowers individuals to maximize their human potential. We accomplish this by creating safe and welcoming homes for our clients and developing customized programs for individuals based upon testing and analysis of their needs, wants, desires and personal capabilities.







We provide for our clients a safe, comfortable, home-like atmosphere in which to socialize, and live with other people.







Each individual is provided with an ISP (Individual Service Plan) and IIS (Individual Interest Survey). The ISP and IIS are utilized (in conjunction with a structured setting) to develop activities that encompass the desires and abilities of the individual resident. The expressed and implied desires of the individuals and family members, as well as comprehensive assessments, are used to help develop realistic and appropriate objectives and implementation strategies. Data is collected to measure and aide in evaluation of progress towards desired goals and the effectiveness of the plan. The primary programmatic goal is to assist individuals in becoming as self-sufficient as possible.





                      Helping People Get The Most Out of Life


Community Habilitation Services, Inc. personnel treat our individuals with the respect and dignity due to all people. They are our reason for being.

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